Adriana Serra

Landscape Photographer I Fine Art


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I’m a landscape and travel photographer based in Barcelona. I love to be in the wild surrounded by nature.

Share and bring this gorgeous place to your home is my purpose with this site. Immagine the incredible natural treasures of the earth in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom walls. Any wall you want to decor with peace of nature is perfect.

Transform your home, your office, or your local business into a more peaceful and green place with my pictures. The colors, images, and objects we have around us change our moods, feelings, and sensations. Get green and sexy. Make your favorite room a place where to rest and to dream with peace and pleasure.

I’m a fine art artist who plays with the natural light and with the landscapes or seascapes to make the world a most lovely and green place.

 “Photography is a love affair with life.” Burk Uzzle

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” Alfred Eisenstaedt

I started with 16 years old to take pictures. I learned photography with an analogic Canon, a zoom lend of 18-70mm (basic lend kit), and lots of expensive Kodak Reels.

With an analog camera, there is no screen to view your results. So it is a must to understand the operation of your gear and how the light works. No option to appreciate your mistakes until developing the reel.

Later on, I move to Rome after my BA degree in Advertising and Public Relations and I manage to work in a photo studio. I shooted hundreds of weddings at Rome City Hall and also in churches around the romantic capital of Italy. Working is the best way to learn a profession.

After Rome, I came back to Barcelona to take a Master’s course in Creative Docuematnry, and from that moment I combine jobs in the media industry with photography roles.

My best skills are in landscapes, travel, lifestyle, reportage, and portrait photography.

 Documentary Films

My short documentary films are stories that show some reality of people that are not normally recorded by a camera or television. Maybe because they live or problems are not so important to listen maybe because they are just not on the trend of the moment. I prefer little deep hidden stories surrounded by mysteries, fears, dreams, hopes than what we can find on the mainstream. As the critics would define it author creative documentaries.

Enjoy it!

JO CONFESSO, 8 min documentary film 2012

A documentary by Adriana Serra and produced by Master in Creative Documentary of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Small businesses are meeting places where the relationship between client and saleswoman is intense. Worries, gossip, and confidences are part of the purchase. This documentary film talks about spirituality, confessions, and traditions seasoned with salamis and sausages.

LA CARN ES MOLT SENYORA  30 min documentary film 2014

Slaughtering a pig has always been a big celebration day in the rural parts of Catalonia and it is still happening in a lot of Cottages. It’s 8 a.m. and the activity it’s beginning at Mas Camps.

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