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I’m a Landscape and Portrait photographer based in Barcelona. The curiosity and the desire to explore is what brings me into photography. I love to tell stories and transmit emotions with my pictures.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed them.


 “Photography is a love affair with life.” Burk Uzzle

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”Alfred Eisenstaedt

I ‘ve got the Degree in Media and Advertising from Girona University and a Master Course in Creative Documentary Films by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.  I worked on the Advertising field as a Copywriter and an I ‘ve got several years of experience as an Italian to Spanish translator for the media field and some experience as a Junior Producer on the documentary business.

Nevertheless, until I started to shoot photography with an analogic Canon at the age of sixteen  I knew this is what I really want to do in my life. At this time I was only studying Arts High School in a small village called Olot, located in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Park but it was something inside this subject that makes me feel the need to discover more and more and more.  We learned how to reveal photo carts in an obscure camera,  how to use an enlarger and how to dry the pictures and all the analogic process that was needed before the digital reflex cameras came up on the market.

Another markable day for me was in Berlin, where I went to the Helmut Newton Foundation  All these big prints of gorgeous naked women hanging from all the walls overwhelmed me but at the same time, I felt surrounded by such a great talent that my passion for photography increased. I wanted to know more to practice more to read more about it.

I’m based in Barcelona city but I have been lived in Italy, Ireland and in England as well so I can speak English, Italian, Catalan, and Spanish with fluency.

I’ m looking for to hear from you and sure that we can share and work together to make some awesome art for your brand or for yourself.  You can contact me by email or just Instagram at @19aaamsss85

Thanks for your time!

Adriana M. Serra

 Documentary Films

My short documentary films are just little video stories that show the life of people cut-down. I’m interested in the little things of our routine and more in the rural area that I’m the city or town. My family and my roots are in La Garrotxa a rural area of Catalonia, northern Spain and is what I’m good to understand and consequently to explain. I also love the rural Ireland where I lived for two years.

JO CONFESSO, 8 min documentary film *2012

A documentary by Adriana Molas and produced in the Master in Creative Documentary of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Small businesses are meeting places where the relationship between client and saleswoman is intense. Worries, gossip and confidences are part of the purchase. This documentary film talks about spirituality, confessions and traditions, all seasoned with salamis and sausages.

LA CARN ES MOLT SENYORA, 30 min documentary film 2014

The flesh is quite a lady.

I’t’s 8 o’clock in the morning and the activity it’s beggining at Mas Camps. The kitchen smell’s like coffee and there’s the noise of a tractor approaching. Encarnació it’s outside boiling water and Llorenç burns weed. Inside sons, grandsons and friends are arrived but the slaughter is delaying…

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