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Adriana Serra

I was in Iceland last September with two friends, Megumi and Esther. .Read more
We were talking to travel to Iceland while we were living in Ireland but the money was always a handicap.
After we could save enough we just bought the tickets. Dublin-Reykjavik for Megumi. Barcelona- Reykjavik for me and London-Reykjavik for Ester. 
We were excited and as I arrived last the girls were waiting for me in the airport. It was great so we got the time to change pounds or euros to the Iceland money.
Even thought they are in Europe you can’t use euros or pounds.
The first feeling wen I arrived it was the cold! Very cold and the plane too long for me… I never traveling very far away and 4 or 5 hours trip it was quite a lot.
We rent a car there so we just put the stuff inside a little Opel Corsa and we start the trip. Our firs stop it was near the Golden Circle, in the countryside. 
Ester was the driver and me the second driver. We arrived late at night but the hostal was wonderful.
Like in the dreams, 4 little houses with wood and nice windows with views. We just feel in love of the place.
The shoes were not allowed inside and our room was so cosy.. we felt like at home and the price very ok to be Iceland were everything is expensive.
We woke up excited to go to the Golden Circle and see the Geysers for first time in owe live! Is one of the most beautiful thinks I’ve ever done and I wish I could see it again. The colors, the smell, the landscape … Everything more nice that what you can see in a video.
After the Geysers we went to Guldfoss, the most famous waterfall in Iceland.
Wonderful! The golden waterfall is able to put your mind in white in just a second, I believe it is a very romantic place to do a honeymoon, in fact a lot of couples and families were there.
The second day was the waterfalls day.. Read more
After Goldfish we catch the car to go to Kêrid, the volcano.
The girls were not very convinced but I was knowing that a lake inside a sleeping volcano it could be nice and different. We paid 5 euros to go inside and we walked all the ring. From the start to the end. After that we go down to see the water and take some nice pictures! I remember a lot of wind and having travels to put a tripod. Carful with the gears if you travel with expensive photographic stuff… 
We didn’t stop for lunch because the plan was eat sandwich but we stop for a cup of the somewhere to be save and warm for a while.
The weather in Iceland is not easy and you need to check it before travel and I would say that is better if everyday you check it during breakfast time cause some times can be dangerous mostly if you travel with car and without a guide,
After Kerid volcano we went home, another hostel that we found in Airb&b more close to our next destination. The second day was the waterfalls day…
The trip was planned by me and Ester and we are not a very good planners nevertheless it was great! without big troubles and very nice landscapes and hostels. Not a lot of restaurants but some lobster we ate.
Hope you have enjoyed my post and you would like to read more about the 8 Iceland days.
Thanks for reading!

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Verona - Italy

In Verona the history of Shakespearean drama is floating around the streets​

Next week I was in Verona for three days and I will explain some tips and nice place to visit once over there. Verona is an European city found in Veneto, north Italy. It’s about one hour and a halve from Venice and it’s a good idea to organise your trip and visit these two cities in the same voyage.

Discover the best places to visit in Verona.. Read more
Good morning travellers,
Everybody knows Verona as the city of Juliet and Romeo but is not the only Shakespeare’s play located there.
Actually three Shakespeare's plays are set in Verona: Romeo and JulietThe Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Taming of the Shrew.
I was lucky to meet two of my Italian friends there so I’ve got a native guide to discover the best spots of the city awarded World Heritage Site status by Unesco.
While you are walking in the old town is like being inside a fairly tale. Verona is full of old buildings with balconies were fresh flowers are hanging, bows and narrow streets that invite you to stroll around.
I traveled to Italy with my best Japanese friend Megumi and we were staying next to Castelvecchio, the most important military construction of the Scaliger dynasty that ruled the city in the Middle Age.
We found that place through Airbnb and it was like 60 euros per night for a little apartment with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
The first place we visited was the Castle. It is a good example of gothic architecture (1354-1376), with imposing m-shaped merlons. It is a powerful and compact building of red bricks with little decoration.
It is nice to take pictures in the several small windows and between the merlons were you can walk in some points. It is free except the Museum.
After Castelvecchio we went to Castelvecchio bridge where you can go down stairs to admire the Adige river that cross the city.


Handmade pasta for less than 10 euros is possible! ....
“Pasta to Go” is a cozy restaurant ( ) in the city center.
We went there and I chose bigoli all’amatriciana. It was succulent!  They only cook bigoli that is a kind of pasta typical from Verona with the form of a long and thick tube and you have a great choice of sauces.
One of the most magic places for me was  Juliet's House The 13th century has a beautiful brick facade, a Gothic-style portal a balustrade and the famous balcony.
In the courtyard is the bronze statue of Juliet, by Nereo Costantini. The legend said that if you touch her right boobs you are going to have good luck and of course we did!
Lastly I want to talk about the aperitivo. In Italy is very typical go for a drink before dinner time especially during weekends and it is called l’aperitivo because you can get one cocktail and some food for the same price.
The right time is about 7pm and a nice and charming place to go in Verona is Cappa Cafè.
We went there the last night and we enjoyed a delicious Spritz in the terrace that face the Adige river.
After the drinks we get some food in the restaurant and I have to say that the polenta was mouth-watering. Then we opted for lasagna and a glass of Bagnoli Friularo. (
I hope you enjoyed my fist post and that it was useful and descriptive!

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Venice - Italy

Venice emerges from the waters of the sea likes a colourful film set. Suspended between reality and dream Venice is going to seduce you just in a sight.

The traveler is bewitched by the beauty of this open-air museum.. Read more
Good morning travellers,
Today I want to talk about Venice, the most romantic place I’ve ever visit.
Lots of people believe that Venice is only for couples in love but I totally disagree to this topic. 
Venice is truly magical itself and even if it seems to be plunged into another world it’s all real.
Venice is the capital of  Veneto region in the north of Italy.
You can arrive by plane to The closest commercial airport is Marco Polo Airport or Treviso Airport that is usually cheaper and then catch a bus to the city. 
Once you arrive in the bus stop you need to take the Vaporetto, a boat that is like a bus there. 
Il Vaporetto  cost 7 euros and there are many different stops that brings you around the city.
I recommend don’t sit inside and remain standing in the prow to be able to take incredible pictures of the buildings that seem to emerge from the waters of the Grand Canal.
The city of Venice extends over 119 islands and in the late Middle Age was the greatest seaport in Europe.
Nowadays is the major Italian port in the northern Adriatic Sea and one of the world’s oldest tourist and cultural centres.
 Venice is a work of art itself, listed as a World Heritage Site
I travelled there with Megumi my Japanese friend and after looking for a room on Airbnb that was totally impossible we opted to book a cheap hostel in the old town and I have to say that it was quite expensive for a seedy room. 
However, the important for us was the location and the price. We were 5 minutes from Rialto Bridge .
Venice is an expensive city nevertheless doing this post I found a bargain that you can use: Hotel Bernardi, it looks nice, cozy and cheap!
The first thing we decided to visit was Piazza San Marco, the principal public square of Venice and we were overwhelmed with so much beauty.  Napoleon referred to it as the ‘drawing room of Europe’.
The cathedral of San Marco is an example of Italo-Byzantine architecture. Opulent, with ground mosaics, columns, fences, marbles, sculptures with 5 domes this cathedral has the nickname of  Chiesa d’Oro (Golden church).
If you look up in the central portal of the basilica there are golden and silver bronze horses which were raided from Constantinople and placed there.
We didn’t go inside the church because we didn’t have much time and the line was huge but on my opinion it deserves it! Is important to buy the tickets online to avoid queue.
Another place you can’t miss in Piazza San Marco is the Palazzo Ducale  a masterpiece of the Venetian Gothic.  
The palace was the residence of the Doge, the supreme authority of the former Republic of Venice, opening as a museum in 1923.
 The oldest part is the wing looking the lagoon with 14th century sculptures on its corners.
Be sure to step back and admire the façade as a whole work of art.  It’s easy to get saturated of the amount of art, beauty, people and pigeons that are everywhere. 
Lastly you have Torre dell’Orologio, a clock tower built between 1496 and 1506 by Maurizio Codussi. Note that there is no lift and the stairs are steep and narrow.
There are more than 400 bridge in Venice. Some are hidden and very small.. Read more
For lunch time I want to recommend “Pizza al Volo” it is near San Marco and delicious, cheap and quick. 
After lunch we wonder thought the narrow streets and bridges.  If you have passion for photography is lovely to go to a bridge and make pictures from another street.
5 of the most beautiful bridge are: Ponte degli Sgalzi, Ponte dell’Accademia, Ponte della Paglia, Ponte dei Sospiri, Ponte di Rialto.
The last one is the most famous because it was the first one and it is always crowded, we should wait to be able to lean out but you get a perfect picture of the Grand Canale with all the boats  going up and down. 
If you are thinking in a gondola ride you have to prepare 80 euros.
Some people believe it is a must-do experience in Venice but for 7 euros you can take the Vaporetto and do a very similar experience.
I asked Megumi  if she wanted to do a gondola ride and she said “we are not in a honeymoon”.
However, I give you a link where you can book and get information.
One thing you must do in Italy at some point is eat an ice-cream even during winter time.
One afternoon we were just having a walk and we so an ice cream shop with lots of people inside doing line so we stopped.
It was SuSo a very famous artisanal ice cream shop with a great selection of gelato including a number of vegan options.
Another recommendation for passionate about photography is bring with you the tripod because for me the best Venice is when the light begins to fall and everything becomes more magical.
Strolling at night and taking photographs of bridges, canals, boats, and squares has been one of the best sensations of the trip. 
I can’t finish this post without mention an excellent ristorante where we had dinner the last night. They do handmade pasta and it was a gourmet experience.
I choose spaghetti with seafood and it was mouth washing! Better call and book if you don’t want to wait.

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